Saturday, August 20, 2016

Welcome to my hunt and fishing blog!
This is where I will be posting all my venture stories during hunting and fishing throughout the great state of Texas!

I live on a border town called Texarkana. It's a little town but if you're creative, like me, you can find plenty to do.

I'll go ahead and start with my first story:

It was an early Wednesday morning and I wanted to catch some gain for supper. So I grabbed my rifle and my dog then headed out toward a popular spot I typically go to, I'll spare you the geographical location since most of you are probably unfamiliar with this place.

I went to a post I had setup last weekend while off work to shoot from a higher position.
Fully camo, I waited patiently while feeding milkbones to my dog, Betty, who's noticeably had too many.

Unfortunately, no deer or bucks showed up for a while.

But, while carefully waiting, I heard a faint gurgling noise that you would hear from a clogged up drain or even a dying animal.
I disregarded the sound for a while, but gradually it kept getting closer.

Around this time is where my dog stopped eating her milkbone and fixated on the sound, this caught my attention since she has a keen feeling for things.

So I climb down from my post with my dog, and started to inspect where the sound was coming from.

As I'm moving through decaying branches, I notice a wounded deer, somehow I missed that. The deer had been shot, but I'm assuming it ran away and the shooter never found him.

Didn't want the poor sucker to lay there choking on its own blood so I shot him in the face and took him home for supper.


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